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2009-06-30 23:11:59 by SLiPZ

Start at 1:00 to hear my new favorite lyrics.

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2009-07-01 06:33:18

weird song

SLiPZ responds:

I don't know where they get off calling it a Doors cover...
The few lines are the same then Cobain just starts rambling.


2009-07-01 14:57:13

Fuck you.

(Updated ) SLiPZ responds:

I miss you too.


2009-07-01 18:59:38

"Wanted to say the same thing :/

Don't go around acting all holier than thou when you don't know the situation, to put it a little nicer."

Wanted to say the same thing eh? so you didnt really want we there... all those jokes and chats and shit was just all bullshit?

SLiPZ responds:

I was just agreeing on how Lexi was being a snob. I don't bullshit.


2009-07-07 03:01:16

What about an hero?

SLiPZ responds:

Mitchell Henderson?